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Join the fight against food waste and end hunger today!


Every year, over 100 billion pounds of food is wasted--Good Samaritan Meals strives to make that number zero. Our name is derived from the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act of 1996, which was created to encourage food donations to nonprofits by minimizing liability. In that spirit, Good Samaritan Meals has partnered with multiple food providers to collect and redistribute food that would otherwise be trashed. We’ve also worked with charities to find and assist various vulnerable populations, such as the homeless, by providing much-needed meals. Our mission has many parts, all of which intertwine: to combat food waste, help the hungry, and uplift and support our community.


Saving 250+ pounds of food waste from landfills every week.

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Serving 200+ meals to the community every week.

... And Counting.

Get Involved

If you’re part of a restaurant, grocery store, or other large-scale food provider, we’re eager to partner with you to help reduce food waste. And if you work for a charity, we’d love to send some meals your way. Take a look at how you can volunteer and support our community by clicking here.

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Collecting and transporting food is a worthwhile task, but that doesn’t make it cheap. Monetary donations go toward buying meals for those in need, storing food, picking up meals from restaurants and grocery stores, and helping fund our overhead costs. Every donation helps, and if you choose our “Shop” option, you can get a t-shirt as a special thank you.


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