Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which organizations does Good Samaritan Meals work with?

We’re proud to say we partner with a variety of restaurants, grocery stores, and other food providers. We also work with charities to arrange food deliveries and storage. Our partners are found across the nation, and if you want to join in our mission, we’d love to have you!

2. How will our partnership make a difference?

Every year, billions of people go hungry while billions of pounds of food are left to rot in landfills. By diverting food waste, we help the environment, the hungry, and our overall community. Be part of the solution by partnering with us today.

3. I’m a nonprofit in need of food donations. Who can I reach out to for support?

It’s our goal to help supply you with meals for those in need. Fill out our form and we’ll get you set up in our delivery rotation.

4. How can I donate food to Good Samaritan Meals? 

We’re glad you asked! We always need more food donations, and we appreciate you wanting to help. Fill out our form and someone will be in touch soon.

5. Want to learn more about Good Samaritan Meals? Or have a question that’s not answered on our website? 

Reach out to us today, and we’ll be sure to follow up as quickly as possible.