Our Story

The premise for Good Samaritan Meals began in 2006 with highschooler Evan Peskin. Every week, he and several classmates would pick up food from restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores, which would then be distributed to food banks and children’s shelters. While in business school, Evan met Jacob Schofield, who would later join him on monthly drives to hand out hot food, meal bars, and bottles of water to people on the streets of Miami Florida. Soon after, the duo met Win Rutherfurd, whose wife was close friends with Evan’s wife. Together, the trio discussed the need to create a functioning entity that would more efficiently serve the Miami community. And just like that, Good Samaritan Meals was born. The organization grew slowly, but over time more restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries began participating. They believe that professionals have a duty to directly participate in serving the community, and today, the three founders remain heavily involved in arranging donations and reaching out to advocacy groups.

What We Do

Our Impact

Good Samaritan Meals is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps organize and coordinate donations with participating restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores to provide food to those in need. Our volunteers--primarily physicians, lawyers, and other professionals--use their time to collect and distribute food that would otherwise be wasted. We aim to decrease food waste and help feed those in need, including low income, homeless, and the disenfranchised.